A alguns dias atrás eu estava vendo alguns emails em uma das listas que participo quando em um deles havia um link para o The physics factbook, um site muito legal feito por vários hackers, físicos, gamers e afins que resolveram criar uma fonte contendo as mais incríveis formulas matemáticas sobre cenas de jogos, games, filmes, eletricidade, gravidade, entre os mais variados fatos que se possa imaginar!

Alguns dos mais interessantes em minha opinião é o abaixo sobre a força da gravidade no clássico Mario Brother.


The purpose of this analysis is to determine the evolution of gravity in the Mario video game series as video game hardware increases.


Gravity is force which is responsible for keeping us on the ground. It is also the force that prohibits us from jumping 50 feet in the air. However, in Mario’s world, gravity does not quite work that way. Mario is able to jump 5 times his height and fall with accelerations that would be deadly to humans.

We will find Mario’s acceleration due to gravity by using the formula

s = s0 + v0t + ½ at2

where s is the distance he falls, s0 is his initial distance, which is 0, v0 is his initial vertical velocity, which is also 0, a is his acceleration due to gravity, and t is the time it takes for him to fall. When we solve this formula for a, we get

a = 2s / t2

Este falando sobre a velocidade do metrô no filme Batman Begins


The purpose of our experiment is to determine the speed of a subway car in the movie Batman Begins.


The movie that the calculations were based on was Batman Begins directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale as Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, and Gary Oldman as James Gordon). Having witnessed the death of his millionaire parents, young Wayne travels to the East after fate diminished his only chance of revenge. There, he seeks counsel of the leader of an honorable ninja cult, Ra’s Al-Ghul. Years later, he returns to Gotham to find it full of crime. With his company at stake, he turns to the cave under his mansion and becomes Batman, a shadow that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals. With the help of James Gordon, Batman sets out to take down various individuals, such as Falcone, the “scarecrow” and Ra’s Al-Ghul, who were notorious for creating the biggest crime streaks and dangers of Gotham.

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